2022 Winning Teachers


The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) have recognized four outstanding Ontario teachers with the 2022 OTIP Teaching Award for teaching excellence.


2022 Winning Teachers

September 20, 2022

OTIP (Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan) and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) have recognized four outstanding Ontario teachers with the OTIP Teaching Award for excellence.

On Tuesday, September 20, the following educators received the OTIP Teaching Award:

Nicholas Ashmore

Port Perry High School, Port Perry, Ontario

Nicholas Ashmore is one of the recipients of the 2022 Teaching Awards in the Beginning category. He teaches grade 9-12 History, English and Native Studies. Nicholas is described as having a passion for immersive learning and knowledge sharing. He engages with students by planning interactive lessons that bring out students’ creative abilities as well as enticing the desire for knowledge. He created a new course for his high school and school board called, “Introduction to Game Studies:” an interdisciplinary studies video gaming course. This course has been widely loved by students and is running again next year. He encourages his students to provide feedback to ensure his teaching practices are engaging, accessible and fun. Nicholas celebrates diversity in his teaching practice by incorporating materials that uplift and center LGBTQ+, Indigenous and Black individuals. His colleagues describe, “he takes the time needed to find and establish materials that will develop understanding and celebrate all communities.” He also supported in hosting a school-wide assembly for Orange Shirt Day and ensured local Indigenous voices were present at the assembly. Congratulations Nicholas! .

Nikita Boodoo

North Albion Collegiate Institute, Etobicoke, Ontario

Nikita Boodoo teaches grade 9-12 French, English, and ESL. She is one of the recipients of the 2022 Teaching Awards in the Beginning category. Over 20 of her students came together to nominate Nikita for this teaching award. Her students describe, “Mrs. Boodoo is not just a teacher, she supports us in learning. We know we are the heart of the classroom; every activity and lesson are led by students with Mrs. Boodoo facilitating on the sidelines.” Many of her students describe typically feeling nervous in French classes, but attest the teaching activities, the care and patience she displays have helped them in their confidence. Nikita uplifts not just her students but everyone who walks through the hallways at her school. She supports her colleagues by creating video tutorials and guides on new grading tools, assessment practices, hybrid learning strategies, ideas for celebrating student success and other innovative resources to support her fellow teachers. Former students and even those she has never taught are known to drop by her classroom for a warm smile and funny stories. Thank you for all you do, Nikita!

Lendyl D’Souza

Notre Dame High School, Toronto

Lendyl is one of the recipients of the Teaching Awards in the Secondary category. He teaches grade 9-12 science, biology, physics, and math. The child of first-generation immigrants, Lendyl is described as a life-long learner. As the departmental head of the science department and interim head of the math department, he has provided opportunities for students to increase their love and knowledge of science. Lendyl implemented and leads a Science Club at Notre Dame. There, he developed a mentorship program between senior and junior science students and a partnership program between incoming Grade 8 students and Notre Dame. Students are exposed to a variety of different teaching tools and use the most up to date technology available in science education through the science club. Lendyl was also recognized for his achievements and awarded the 2021 Prime Minister’s Award – Ontario Certificate of Achievement. He also won the 2021 Humanitarian Service Medal in recognition of his work for the Scarborough North community. His former student states, “Mr. D’Souza is one of the reasons I felt confident enough to pursue a post-secondary education. He allowed me to believe in myself by believing in me first and showing me that no matter what, I can achieve my goals.” Your work is appreciated, Lendyl!

Elizabeth Cook

Silver Creek Public School, Georgetown, Ontario

Elizabeth Cook is a teacher librarian and one of the recipients of the 2022 Teaching Awards in the Elementary category. Elizabeth is a dedicated community member. She has a vested interest in ensuring girls become involved in STEM activities and initiatives. She developed a robotics program where students design, build and program robots during breaks and after school. Last year, Elizabeth took an all-girls team to the Halton Skills competition and took 1st place! Additionally, every year she donates her hair to the Canadian Cancer Society to help make wigs for those undergoing radiation treatments. She also organizes fundraisers and raises awareness for her local animal shelter. She is an innovative teacher that invests in her students. She oversees the school Writing Club where she helps students write, edit and revise any piece of work they want. Once complete, she applies for the students’ work to be published and available in the library. To date, she has helped over 200 students become published authors. She also inspires students to broaden their horizons by providing opportunities for students to read works by Canadian authors and write reviews that are posted on a national literature blog. Congratulations Elizabeth!

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